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Vehicle Fire Safety & Evacuation Training

Bus fire

 Designed to equip  staff with an awareness of the dangers involved in      dealing with a minibus fire.

 Initially, classroom training familiarises students with all of the risks and    dangers of vehicle fires and uses an easily remembered protocol to teach  the safe vehicle evacuation.

Practise in a smoke-filled minibus and enables the staff to experience a realistic simulation with role-playing by other members of the course.

Burnt bus
The aim of this course is to prepare staff for some of the difficulties they may encounter and how best to deal with them when faced with such an emergency.

To identify possible causes of fire in a minibus
To understand the factors involved in fires
To know principles of fire prevention
To identify methods of extinguishing fires
To know how to check and use a foam fire extinguisher.

To identify hazards and employ effective and efficient technique when evacuating a minibus in the event of an emergency.

Duration: ½ day
Numbers: 10-15

"This is an excellent and comprehensive training package dealing with a very real problem"
Fire Safety Enforcement, Legal and Technical Section
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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