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Safer Greener Driving

Safer Greener Driving:

Arguably one of the most high-risk things that employers demand of employees, yet hardly ever risk-assess, is driving. There are approximately 3,600 deaths on UK roads every year as opposed to 250 deaths in the workplace and 550 deaths in air crashes globally.

Whatever the vehicle and whatever the driving entails, a risk assessment outcome would strongly suggest that drivers who have passed only a basic driving test should be trained and assessed to ensure their competence in the workplace.

With fuel and vehicle running costs ever increasing and concerns for the environment rising, it makes good sense to train drivers to inspect and maintain vehicles properly and to drive them sympathetically and economically.

These courses are delivered by Department of Transport approved driving instructors experienced in training drivers of passenger carrying vehicles including ambulances, minibuses, large buses and cars.

To ensure the competence of drivers carrying out their normal range of driving duties
To develop the driving skills of drivers

Understand legal responsibilities
Understand duty of care to passengers
Understand the environmental consequences of driving
Control a vehicle on the highway
Drive a vehicle defensively
Drive a vehicle economically and sympathetically
Drive a vehicle in accordance with the Highway Code and appropriate road traffic law

Duration: Assessment; 1 hour
Training: As required and agreed
Numbers: Assessment; 1 to 1
Training: Up to 3

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