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Risk Management

Workplace risk assessment

Good risk assessment and management is vital if a workforce, its clients and members of the public are to be kept as safe as is reasonably practicable; keeping this just so is the responsibility of the employer. This course is deigned for first-line managers and supervisors. Candidates will learn the principles of workplace risk assessment including the assessment and management of transporting vulnerable passengers. Master copies of forms will be provided in electronic form so that they can be customised to suit the needs of individual organisations. The course includes a field study of workplace risk where students can carry out realistic risk assessments and decide effective risk management strategies. This will usually involve visiting those places where passengers are picked up and dropped off.

That candidates will be able to carry out the 'assess, record, report and review' process of risk assessment in the workplace, particularly in respect of vulnerable passengers.

Know the legal obligations of employers in relation to risk management
Identify hazards in the workplace
Control the risks presented by hazards in the workplace
Document the risk assessment process

Duration: 3 days
Numbers: 8 maximum

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