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Presentation techniques

More often than ever, supervisors and managers are required to give training sessions or presentations to members of staff or outside groups. This course has been designed to enable the candidate, through a careful step-by-step process, to deliver professional presentations using a range of media and visual aids.

Aimed at the complete beginner or those who lack confidence, the candidates are given opportunity to develop and practice their skills in a supportive and none threatening environment.

That supervisors and managers learn the skills to give professional presentations and pass on information in a logical and understandable way.
That supervisors are well prepared and able to appear confident and competent when speaking in front of employees.

Prepare useful lesson plans
Prepare a logical presentation
Understand how people learn
Use techniques appropriate to the subject, audience and time available
Use visual aids appropriately and professionally
Use audience participation appropriately
Give professional, meaningful presentations

Duration: 5 days
Numbers: 8

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