Onsite Training Company


NVQ Level 2 Road Passenger Vehicle Driving.
For minibus, bus & coach, taxi or chaffeur

Qualification Outline
Anticipated time from Induction to Completion is 10-12 weeks

Stage 1 - Induction

Group of 10
Duration 2 hours

Introduction to NVQ Level 2 RPVD
Individual Learning Plans
Guidance Session 1
Literacy & Numeracy Assessment

Stage 2 - Training

Groups of 3 or 4
Duration 15 hours

The training may be anything from this website that contributes to the NVQ and will be agreed before commencement.  Training given may include

MiDAS Driver Training
Appointed Persons' First Aid
Minibus Fire & Evacuation Procedures
Safer Manual Handling

Delivered by the On Site Training Company or accreditation of prior learning

Stage 3 - Observation & Assessment

Duration 2 x 3 Hours

On-The-Job Assessment
2 observations of ‘on the job' activities, usually one mid-training and one on completion of all training. The evidence gathered is mapped against the standards of the NVQ and is the final stage of the process
This is completed on a one-to-one basis, at times to suit operational needs.
Observation time also includes gathering of supplementary evidence and assessment planning with candidates

Acquisition of a life-long national qualification
Fully funded training
Accreditation of prior learnining

Added benefits of employing the On Site Training Company

MiDAS programme will be maintained
MiDAS training will effectively be delivered fully funded
Accreditation of prior learning for those Drivers and/or Passenger Assistants (separate qualification available for PAs) that have undergone MiDAS training
Training delivered from a known source - quality assured and known to most staff

Also Available

NVQ Level 2 Passenger Support Services
This nationally recognised qualification would be delivered in the same way as the NVQ offered to Drivers described above.

NVQ Level 2 Customer Services
A qualification that is not closely linked to the role of the passenger assistant but is recognised in a wider field of employment than the NVQ in passenger Support Services.

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