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First Aid

Appointed Persons First Aid (MiDAS Module D - Emergency Aid)

This course fulfils the requirement for training staff to the level of an Appointed Person in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice for the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. It takes a very flexible, practical and common-sense approach to basic life support and dealing with the most common injuries and illnesses the delegate is likely to encounter. The course will be customised so that the delegates’ working environment will always be taken into account when considering the management of any situation. Course organisers can be given the opportunity to select additional course content prior to commencement.


To give guidance on what to do in an emergency
To acquaint the individual with the basic knowledge and skills required to administer rudimentary first aid in an emergency situation.

To recognise and safely manage an emergency situation
To recognise and treat obvious life-threatening conditions
Respiratory and cardiac arrest
Wounds and bleeding
Identify restrictions or hazards presented by individual victims or working environments and modify activities accordingly
To recognise the need to act only within the limit of one's training and to summon appropriate assistance if required.

Duration: 1 day
Numbers: 10 maximum

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