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Understanding And Managing Epileptic Seizures

Ignorance and mystery shroud epilepsy and the associated seizures. This module sets out to explain the historical and contemporary understanding of the condition and to describe why seizures occur. The modern classification of seizures is explained and the action to be taken on the occurrence of a seizure is taught to the group. Regard is given to the management of the situation, the seizure and to the person who has been affected by it.


To give the individual the understanding and confidence to safely manage a situation involving someone who is having, or has had, a seizure.
To enable the individual to recognise and correctly treat someone who is having, or has had, a seizure.

Understand the basic physiology involved in seizures
Identify the 2 major types of seizure
Identify the presentation of different seizures
Correctly manage the various stages of a seizure
Know when to summon medical assistance
Understand the major social issues surrounding epilepsy

Duration: ½ day
Numbers: 10-15

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