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Emergency Procedures Training

What is the correct thing to do when things go wrong?
Does your staff have contingency plans?             

Health and Safety Law requires employers to have safe methods of work in place and
emergency procedures or contingency plans to cope with unforeseen, potentially dangerous situations.  First Aid Kit

This module gives guidance, in accordance with your own policies and procedures,
on what to do in case of; passenger death, accident or sudden illness, vehicle breakdown, road traffic accident,
or a passenger who goes missing or whose parents or carers are not at home on arrival.
In these circumstances, staff often act on impulse, which is not always the best thing to do

That drivers and passenger assistants will, when faced with an emergency or potentially dangerous situation,
act appropriately with regard to the prevailing circumstances.

Know the basic outline for dealing with all emergencies
Understand the need to have a pre-planned procedure
Know the hazards prevalent in various emergency situations
Carry out on the spot risk assessments
Take account of individual circumstances
Follow the safest course of action in any given situation
Know the organisational policy and procedure when faced with various situations

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