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Learning Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Overview:
Perhaps more has happened in favour of people with disabilities in the last ten years than ever before and staff training is a vital part of an organisation keeping pace with the changes.
This course covers general issues like stereotyping, personal image and the language we use and moves into assisting those people with specific disabilities.

Through video, discussion, exercises and some role play, the course allows delegates to experience a little of what its like to have a disability and an understanding of some of the techniques they can use to improve the quality of service given to people with disabilities.

To ‘see' the person before the disability
Understand how inappropriate language and behaviour can be upsetting and offensive
Learn what is appropriate language and behaviour
How to assist people with various disabilities including:

Visual impairments
Hearing impairments
Mobility issues
Assisting people who use wheelchairs
Learning difficulties and confusion
Communication difficulties

Duration: 1 day
Numbers: 12 maximum

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