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Safe passenger transport for contract staff

If you contract out home to school transport for children who have special educational needs to taxi, or other, operators, this course is for you. This type of transport is highly specialised and very few operators are au fait or equipped to carry out the task adequately. Do they follow the Code of Practice for the Safe Carriage of Wheelchairs on Buses (VSE 87/1)? Are their passenger lifts tested twice yearly and conform to BS 6109 pt2? If your contractor cannot answer these questions adequately, the perhaps your organisation has problems that can be resolved through the training and information given on this course.

To enable contractors to fulfil their legal and contractual duties
To enable contractors to transport passengers in a safe and appropriate manner

Understand their legal responsibilities as operators and/or drivers
Understand their duty of care to passengers and escorts
Follow current good practice and industry standards
Know correct procedures for boarding, alighting and transporting passengers safely
Understand the safety issues relating to the transportation of people with special needs
Aware of the equipment available to secure wheelchairs and restrain passengers
Choose appropriate equipment to secure wheelchairs and passengers
Use correctly all equipment including ramps and passenger lifts

Duration: 1 day
Numbers: 10 maximum

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