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Challenging behaviour

Managing Challenging Behaviour (PATS Module F)               

This module is aimed at those people who assist in the transportation of children and adults who have challenging behaviour. From a general view of problems that can arise, the session focuses on dealing with violence and potential violence in confined spaces and inside a motor vehicle. Advice given regarding the use of force is given from the facilitator’s experience, common practice and in accordance with the relevent legislation.

challenging behaviourAims
To assist the individual to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury to themselves or others caused by the activity of someone in their charge with challenging behaviour.
To reduce or eliminate the potential for an individual to harm themselves as a result of inappropriate behaviour.

Identify the possibility of inappropriate behaviour
Identify methods of reducing the risk of inappropriate behaviour
Identify techniques that can be used to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations
Know what to do if violence occurs
Know when force may and may not be used
Know how much force may be used
Understand the legal position
Be aware of reporting procedures
Identify appropriate and inappropriate methods of controlling a violent person

Duration: 1 day
Numbers: 15 maximum

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